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Toffee Van de Langendijk
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Breeding Stallion
Toffee Van de Langendijk
Born 25 June 2009
PSSM 1 Negative, 14.3 hh
Color dna Ee, Aa, nt Bay Tobiano
Preference Stallion by the Irish Cob Society Netherlands
 2014 Toffee became Champion for conformation and Champion at work under saddle at 
the Irish Cob Society in the Netherlands.
April 2018 he was Grand Champion Halter Classes at the JJ Shows in Georgia.
2018 High Point Gypsy Vanner with the GVHS 5th Halter, 10th Overall
February 23th 2019 Driving classes 6 First places
February 24th 2019 English Equitation WTC First place unanimous
June 30th 2019 Driven Dressage and cones High Score Award.
May 10th 2019 Concours d'elegance driving First and 2 second places
May 11th 2019 Amateur Driving First place unanimous.
May 12th 2019 English Equitation Unanimous First Place
October 2019 National Draft Show Georgia Driving First Place​
October 2019 National Draft Show Georgia Western 1st Place
October 2019 Broken Color class 1st place unanimus 
October 2019 Concours d'elegance riding and driving First place unanimus
Gypsy World Champion Show results :
- Grand Champion Stallions 5 years and older
- Grand Champion Stallions all ages
- Reserve Champion Broken Color
- Grand Champion Amateur Stallions
- Reserve Grand Champion Open Western WJL
- Reserve Grand Champion Amateur Western WJ
- Reserve Grand Champion Rail Cross Jumping
- Grand Champion Concours d’Elegance
- Reserve Champion Amateur English Equitation WT
- Reserve Champion Amateur Pleasure Driving
- Reserve Champion Amateur Driving Reinmanship
- Champion Amateur Obstacle Driving
- Gypsy High Point Overall Champion
Toffee is a versatile stud with one of a kind character. Willing to work, sweet well trained stallion. 
His offspring appears in the higher results at conformation grading shows.
 At the moment at the age of 9 years old he has 13 offspring who received a First High Premium at the Evaluation/Conformation Show what makes him now a Preference Stallion.

Show Results 2019
JJ Horse Celebration Perry Georgia October 10-11 2019
* Halter Broken Color Class : Unanimus 1st place out of 18
* Halter Class : 3th place out of 8
* Gypsy Liberty : 2nd and 5th place out of 22
* Costume class under saddle : 2nd place unanimus out of 8
* Concour d'elegance riding : 1st place unanimus
* Concour d'elegance driving : 1st place unanimus
* Pleasure driving : 1st and 2nd place
* English Equitation : 2nd place unanimus 

Gypsy Vanner Horses
                                                                                                                Floral City, Florida

Feathered Horse Classic Jacksonville FL January 11-12 2020
* 1st place Dressage Equitation WTC
* 3rd place Senior Horse English Pleasure WTC
* 2nd place Freestyle riding on music
* 1st place Ranch Riding WJL
* 1st place Ranch Rail WJL
* 1st place Senior horse Western pleasure WJL
* 1st place Concours d'Elegance Driving
* 1st place Amateur pleasure Driving
* 1st place Open Pleasure Driving
* 3rd place Reinmanship
* 1st place Driving turnout
Grand Champion WTC/WJL
Overall High Point WJL/WTC

Show Results 2020