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Donna Van de Langendijk
April 20th 2008
Jordy Van de Langendijk
Foundation Mare
The Producer
Lizzy 0201326
Snorreke Van de Langendijk
1th Premium, Best Section A
Champion at work 89 Points
M2 Dressage (points for Z1)
Ster Preference Mare
Champion 2014 Someren
The Road Sweeper
Bobby Rayfields Good Mare
The Coal Horse
Fred Walker mare
Old Henry Palace Horse
​The Trolley Cob
The Sham Horse
HCS White Horse
Two Bob Blue
Camarillo White
Foundation Mare
Limerick Black Mare
Sting RPR 
7th May 2017
Sold to  Ohio
Blisse RPR 
1th May 2016
Sold to  North Carolina
Offspring Donna & Toffee
This First Premium Star Mare has it all, conformation, willing but most of all she passes her beautiful character on to her foals. Donna is ridden and driven and now had 5 outstanding quality foals.

Black Shadow

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